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Australian Expats

Aussies Living Abroad

Aussie Expats!
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This is a community I started so that Australians living abroad like myself can find each other, exchange resources and talk about any topics and issues relating to Australia, Australians and living and traveling abroad.

Topics considered relevant are:

- Anything to do with travel, immigration law, visas, dealing with consulates, etc
- How you feel living where you are, thoughts, observations, rants, raves.
- Australian current affairs, news, sports, music, etc.

If you are posting more than ONE image, lj cut is your friend. Please use it.

Community promotions are welcome as long as they are RELEVANT to the Aussie Expat community.

It seems obvious, but please respect each other, don't be stupid, don't harrass, annoy or antagonize, I will ban you.

Anyone is welcome to join, but please keep posts relevant to the community. Thanks!